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The Extinct Black Samoyed
Curiositie published at 04/01/2016
n this video, the New Everest Kennel, pays homage to one of the last black Samoyeds who lived around 1890 owned by Mr. Kilburn Scott. In some pedigrees of modern times, we find colors in Samoyeds as white with black spots.

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Siberia's Wonder
Curiositie published at 05/01/2016
In this video, the New Everest Kennel intending to make a brief tribute to the territory called Siberia, makes two animals together images originating from this site: the Samoyed and Siberian Tiger.

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Samoyed Puppies first 20 days from born
Curiositie published at 09/01/2016
In this video, the New Everest Kennel displays the growth and development of theis newborn puppies until their 20 days of life.
Samoyed Puppies between 20 and 40 days of life
Curiositie published at 10/01/2016
In this video, the New Everest Kennel displays the growth of puppies, from 20 to 40 days old.
Polar Bear x Samoyed
Curiositie published at 10/01/2016
In the Samoyed tribe people, the Samoyed dogs were used to herd reindeer, huskies, warm children in days of heavy snowfall and at the same time, were even used in packs to frighten and drive polar bears.
But talking about it .... you noticed how these two species look like? !!!
Samoyed or Wolf
Curiositie published at 03/01/2016
Wolves ( Canis lupus )

After the recent discovery of skeletons of dogs the Far East, where there are not jackals , not coyotes , wolf has been considered as the ancestor of the dog.

Studies published in the journal Science present evidence that humans first domesticated gray wolves at the time they crossed the Bering Strait to settle in North America about 12,000 years . By sharing food and shelter, aid in survival, moral support and play , dogs won the title of " man's best friend " . Through this interaction, the wolves were aggregating to human societies and matings were succeeding in small closed groups .

Source : Larouse of Dogs
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