The Samoyed is adapted to the tropical climate?
Yes ... The Samoyeds are in Brazil more than a decade, but it's still important to have some care on days of high temperature, restricting walks in mild sunshine hours like for example the end of the day, or early in the morning. Water should always be available and the dog must have shelter. I would like to point out that short-faced dogs that is not the case with Samoyed, has more difuldade in controlling body temperature.
The Samoyed needs weekly baths?
No. The Samoyed has a natural oiliness in the skin and fur, which is a natural guard dog. Frequent baths remove this natural protection and may even cause skin problems by excess moisture. Weekly would be very important brushing, opting for monthly baths, even as the Samoyed does not have smell, this often produced by a subcutaneous gland. The Samoyed and one of the only races in the world that do not have this hormonal gland.
The Samoyed very bark?
No. But the barking may be caused by some discomfort as cold, hunger, pain, anxiety .... The barks are linked to each particular case, not the race, and this behavior often is linked to inherited behavior by the dog from the puppy stage to adulthood.
The barking of a dog too much would do well to owners, neighbors and himself. If there is no cause that justifies this barking behavior can be discouraged and even almost anulos using positive training techniques.
But in some cases, the bark can be a warning, such as: foreign Presence of absence of the owner of the home.
Overall all dogs are capable of learning something, such as being polite to visitors. But before you train them, we need to study and learn how their learning mechanism.
The Samoyed gets along well with other animals?
The Samoyed has a very light hunting instinct. If adapata well with other dogs, cats, rabbits .... The only restriction would be with other males intact dogs in the playback alge with females present in the same territory.
The Samoyed can be created in apartment?
Yes, but with some observations: One would be the floor. Generally flat floors are porcelain tile, laminate, marble .... they do not teem adequate grip for dogs and interfere with their props, being necessary to place a non-slip mat.
Also it is important that the dog leaves the house every day to walk and thus be drilled, if only because it is sled dog and great vigor Bodily.