Partnership and gratitude go together
How to speak in gratitude and not to mention an established brand that believed in our creation from the beginning, step by step ... supporting us year after year, with all the support in highly developed food to our dogs and all his strength dedicated to the market PET. Since the puppy stage, our dogs consume Frost Puppy Lb, a ration composed with an elaborate nutrimental complex, ensuring maximum benefits throughout their growth. In adulthood, consumption continues to Frost Adult LB, feed this sequence that gives the sound development of the health and longevity of the dog. We are grateful to SUPRA and all the various professionals involved in this company our history ... with their invaluable contributions. Our thanks are to you all, from sales representatives, distributors and regional supervisors, all highly qualified, who kindly always put affixed to serve our customers throughout Brazil. They say "anyone who walks alone arrive faster, but one who walks accompanied surely goes further!" hese are values ​​such as these, unity and gratitude, we share with all SUPRA family, always striving for service excellence in its general scope. Thank SUPRA, for being part of a dream come true: New Everest Kennel, and have them as partners in our creation is an honor.